About Us

With the foundation stone laid in the year 2012, Genesis Art has become a premier service provider in wooden cutting and CNC works. With a strong infrastructure backing, we have been able to provide our clients with the best assistance in their production works. Majority of our services are related to cutting with one specialized work for sheet cutting. We offer services related to CNC Bending, 2D Cutting • Jaali Cutting • Carving •2d engraving • 3d engraving • molding • 2d • 3d • routing • profile • inlay • area clearing • surfacing • face / photo engraving

These services derive their name from the type of machinery involved in the process.

Our organization has always emphasized quality and accuracy of our work in order to keep our clients satisfied. After years of perfection in this field, we have gained the trust of our business partners. We are proud of our advanced technology and expertise in the area of CNC Art Work and continuously bring about advancements in our set up. The target is not only on the production, but also on quality assurance, research development and product maintenance for complete client satisfaction.

The company was established on the expertise of its founders, Mr. Ibrahim, Mr. Burhanuddin & Mr. Abdulaqadir. They have mentored this company to the peak of success with their meticulous and innovative approach towards their work and the clients’ needs.

Since 2012, we are in Engineering Industry and continuously updating our self with Latest Cutting Technology. We are Indore Unique Job Shop to cut any material with the help of CNC Router Machine, CNC Laser Machine, CNC Plasma Machine & CNC Bending. We can cut any given material in intricate size and shape with required precision.

Almost all types of material (like MDF • HDF • WPC • Plywood • Agro Wood • Solid Wood • Block Boards • Veneers • Laminates • Cement Sheet • Solid Surface • Acrylic • Corian • Onex • Bakelite • PVC • ACP • High Pressure Laminate • Mid Steel • Steel • Brass • Copper • Aluminum • Paper • Cloth • Leather • Hardboard & Many More Materials etc) can be cut Effectively and Accurately.


We can cut different material hence our machines are useful in different fields of engineering as well as Architecture inlays, Safety Grills, Sign age and Logos, Different Designs in Interior Structures. Also different composite material can be cut effortless by CNC Router Machine, CNC Laser Machine, CNC Plasma Machine.